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We believe that teenagers matter greatly, and, when given the opportunity, the leadership, and the right environment, they will shine with incredible power, creativity, and compassion. We also believe that being a teenager is challenging, and that a church should try to help them meet that challenge faithfully.

High School & Junior High

We love our Youth Minister, Janelle Berger, and our youth program. With her leadership, this group of youth have become serious about having fun(!), caring for each other, growing in their faith, and helping those who are in need. Holy Cross is not just their parent's church; this is their church. Currently, both the High School and Junior High School youth meet on Sunday mornings for Sunday School (9:35-10:20 am); every Wednesday evenings (5:30 - 7:00 pm) for games, music, fellowship, and a Bible Study; and monthly for off-site events and trips. See the monthly and quarterly youth calendars, available in the office.

Camp and Mission Trips

Both Jr. and Sr. High Youth have the opportunity to attend summer camps and mission trips.  Each year will vary, so stay in touch!


Music, Choir, &Acolytes 

Our youth are encouraged to serve in our worship in ways that utilize their gifts. We work hard to have their participation to be an enjoyable blessing to them as well as to those attending worship. This not only includes playing musical instruments - trumpets, piano, clarinet, guitar, etc. - and singing in the choir, but it also includes serving as acolytes. Acolytes help with with several important tasks associated with our worship service. For more details, see "Acolytes" in the Children's ministry section.

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