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You will find that our ministries are growing and evolving regularly, and we always have room for you! Below you will find a few ministry areas.

Children's Ministries

We believe that providing children with an environment where they can explore the world through the lens if faith is one of the most important gifts we can offer them.


Youth Ministries

We believe that teenagers matter greatly, and, when given the opportunity, the leadership, and the right environment, they will shine with incredible power, creativity, and compassion. We also believe that being a teenager is challenging, and that a church should try to help them meet that challenge faithfully.


Adult Ministries

We believe that to actually love each other, as Jesus commanded, we must actually know each other. Therefore, we value not only worshiping and studying together, but serving and having fun too!


Music Ministry

We believe that music can express what words alone cannot, and, therefore, it is a powerful instrument of worship and community.


Outreach Ministries

We believe that it is impossible to read the gospel without hearing a clear call to tend to the sick, the lonely, the grieving, and the poor. We strive constantly to be mindful of this calling and to provide opportunities for our members and others to answer it faithfully.

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