Yes, there is life here! Holy Cross continues to work diligently to safely serve God's people throughout this pandemic. You can live, grow, love, and serve with us at Holy Cross - in-person or online.


(as of February 18, 2021)

Our Current Life!

Weekly Food Pantry

Wednesday 9:00am - 11:00am Food Pantry


Sunday 8:00am - Inside (in-person and online)

Sunday 10:30am - Inside(in-person and online)

Sunday 3:00pm - ***Outside (see flyer below)

Wednesday 10:00am - Inside (in-person only)

Christian Formation Classes

Wednesday Nights 5:30pm - Lenten Series (see flyer) 

Sunday 9:35am w/ Fr. Rog - (online only)

Sunday 9:35am w/ Chris Dake - (in-person & online)

Sunday 9:35am Women's Studies (in-person only)


Sunday 9:35am Sunday School - Online

Sunday 10:30am Children's Chapel (in-person & online)

Sunday 3:00pm on Cookout Weekends - Play&Pray

Wednesday 5:50pm Play & Pray


Sunday 9:35am Christian Formation

Wednesday 5:30pm Youth Group Meeting


Monthly Cookouts following our regular Sunday 3:00 outdoor worship (see flyer below)

Running/Walking Club - all ages (Saturday 7:30am)

Holy Grounds: Coffee & Chat - Coffee Break Cafe, Pace (Saturday 9:00am)

Care Giver Support Group - WeCare (2nd and 4th

Saturdays at 10:00am)

Grief Support Group - Grief Share (Saturdays at 10:00am) 

7979 North Ninth Avenue

Pensacola, FL 32514

Holy Cross Episcopal Church

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